April 30, 2012

Testing! Testing!


Welcome to the new and improved blog! I am beyond thrilled with the way it looks and it was so simple to install and customize. If you’re looking to either spruce up your current blog, or create a new one. I HIGHLY suggest heading over to Cinnamon Girl Studio Design! Not only was there a lengthy tutorial & how to’s included but also customer service rocks! I had a few questions & they were answered and fixed within a half hour. I’m a sucker for great customer service & this company has it. 
So along with the blog facelift, I have redesigned my blog templates and watermark. So here it is… I introduce you to the new face of Caynay Photography. It’s clean, crisp, and I’m beyond thrilled about it. 
These were taken a few days ago. The weather was gorgeous and I just hung out in the grass for a while. It was quite lovely.