June 18, 2012

What’s Up Country Mouse.


Laying in my glorious bed on the last night of vacation, procrastinating packing…I always feel sad. I look forward to vacations a year in advanced (Panama City is already less than a year away & I can’t wait) that when they come & go I am overcome with sadness. I love vacation as much as the next person but I love the memories they hold the most. The family time. The laughing. The fact that we went past the same high school 5+ times… & every time my family discussed the SAME exact thing for humor. I love them. 
I am a country mouse through and through. I am reminded of this every time I set foot in a city larger than my town of 1200 people. I am reminded of how much I love it (despite it being 40 minutes from any store larger than your locally owned mart).
L.A. pushed me past my country mouse comfort. I despise traffic. I am really not a fan of large crowds. I do not like waiting. But boy oh boy, California, you stole my heart. 
My hair stays straight (thank you dry heat), you contain pretty, glorious palm trees, you keep my hair straight — yes that’s worth more then 2x of saying it but I’ll refrain. Now we didn’t stay in L.A. the whole week.. Thank goodness because my sanity would be obsolete. But we resided in the beautiful Palm Desert for a week. For a week it was my home. I loved this vacation & here are some of my favorite shots from the big camera. 

Above: My brother HATES pictures. He covers his face when a camera comes his way. It’s quite annoying actually considering he used to not be this way.

Below: This image may just be my favorite. I kind of want to get this blown up into a large print….

Below: Or this may be my favorite. I absolutely love the contrast of this one. Mohave desert was hot hot hot but it had some beautiful flowers. 

 Below: Salton Sea was Stinky (with a capitol “S”). It is beautiful though. Except for the dead fish on shore… That wasn’t too pretty. Boo!

There it was. Some of my favorite images. I will probably be posting a post just on my instagram/iphonography photos because there were 987348 of those taken…Eesh!

Happy Week Friends.. I’m off to pack 🙁