August 7, 2012

Orr, Minnesota Vacation


My family has this place. A place tucked far into the deep north woods of northern Minnesota. It’s been a yearly tradition since my Dad was a little tyke. I have memories scattered all over this camp ground. It is a good chunk of my childhood. The simplicity. The calmness. The way the wind whips through the pines. I hold this place near and dear to my heart. & for the entire time that I have been going here it hasn’t changed one bit.. & I hope it never does.

Welcome to Pine Acres resort. Pretty much my favorite place on earth. 

There was a lot a lot a lot of fishing. 

A lot of relaxation (& pretty bokeh) 

& the coolest chipmunk named, Chippy! I was actually sad to leave him behind. He came for peanuts every morning and would stuff his little cheeks. 

& the flotilla which has been an ongoing tradition for a couple of years now. 

One of my childhood favorites. The Soudan Mine! Which includes a tour of an 2400 foot underground old iron ore mine!

Oh the Vince Shute Park. Which is a wild bear preserve. The bears aren’t fenced in, they aren’t tame, they are just fed & come to stay for a while. My dad will also tell the oh so funny stories of how back in the day you used to just feed the bears yourself. We once had one crawl into our van and eat cookies in the back seat! This little guy was a charmer. He was just 10 feet away from the deck.

Sunsets on Pelican lake don’t get much better than this.