October 17, 2012

Build it. Brand it. Make it You.


Image Source: TheDivine Minimalist 
I have relied heavily on this quote for the past few weeks now. It is something that has hit home in more than one way possible. I am a quote person, a lyric person, a person that relies on other words to fill a void or a frustration that lies heavy on my chest. 
I came into photography on my own. I have built this little business of mine. On. My. Own. It’s been my sweat, my tears (because lord knows there has been MANY nights of those), this business is my baby. I have looked to others for guidance, I have looked to other photographers for ideas, for help, for tips. But, I have tried my very hardest to formulate my own ideas, my own thoughts. It is something that I am very very proud of. 
I have had ups and downs over the past year and a half & it is something that makes my heart more passionate about photography than I ever thought was possible. I have been networking, handing out business cards, talking with people. Now, I’m not trying to stand on a soap box & I hope it doesn’t come off that way but moral of the story is I have worked hard. 
I know I’m new. I know this industry is overly run with photographers. I come across a new one every day hour. & I mean if this has been your passion… If this is something that has been tucked away in your heart than high fives to you. This is not a get rich industry. This is not something to just make your way to the top in 2 weeks. This is work. 
Know your equipment. Grow with your equipment. I have done more research than I can even count. Late nights of reading photography forum after forum. Youtube videos, editing videos, books, manuals. I am proud that I know my equipment in & out. Now, this isn’t also a “I shoot manual, you shoot auto.. You must not be a real photographer” because that isn’t what I’m getting at either. 
I guess long story short is be original. Be true to you. If this is something you have truly aspired to be then please work hard. Work your booty off. Make it your own. Build it. Brand it. Make it you. This is your business. It should reflect you & no one else. 
That was my rant. Not sure where that came from. It has been a discussion amongst a photography forum that I am apart of & I felt like filling in my 2 cents 🙂
Happy Tuesday Everyone!