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November 2, 2012

A Little Journey Through Time

I picked up a camera and started shooting. I knew nothing about manual mode. I knew nothing about light, & definitely knew nothing about editing. I apparently thought sucking the color out of my images would make me happy.. & a year ago it did. I was proud of my work. I was successfully (or so I thought..) shooting manually. I was proud. 
I was peeking through my recent sessions & was critiquing my work. Wondering if there was growth. If my work looked differently now compared to a year ago. My oh my there has been some change. 
The image on the left was taken in April of 2011.. The image on the right was taken October 27th, 2012.

Through this year I have been pushing myself to really think about my images before I shoot them. Not that I wasn’t before but my mind set has changed.

Like I’ve stated before, knowing your equipment is the best way to help your photography. I just recently figured out a short cut on my camera to drop my aperture down. I stumbled upon it accidently. Bad. Do something I didn’t & read your manual (note to self.. do this).

When it comes to editing.. I follow the simple phrase.. “Less is more” & when it comes to my work it is. I want my work to be viewed as clean, crisp, fresh, & vibrant. I want them to be timeless (unlike the photo on the left). I try to nail my images in camera as good as I possibly can so that I a) keep my editing time down and b) force myself to think verses going, “oh I can just fix that in photoshop”.

Now your equipment does play a part in how your images look. I used to shoot with a Canon Rebel t2i & I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. & it was. It was what I needed, it was great to learn on, & I didn’t upgrade equipment until I thought it was holding me back. In my personal opinion I would rather have an entry level body with a L series lens verses the other way around. Now I could not live without my full frame body so don’t get me wrong. But the lens has a lot to do with your images. Clarity being one of them.

I’m a sucker for clarity. It’s something that I really push for & is at the top of my priorities when it comes to shooting. I proudly shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II accompanied with a 24-70mm L series lens. & my oh my has it changed my work. The image on the right with taken with that dynamic duo as the one of the left was taken with a Canon Rebel t2i with a 18-55mm lens.  Do I still love the image on the left? Yes, I do. It sits near and dear to my heart as it being my first session.

Whether you shoot with an iPhone or the Canon 1DX know you are in control. You can make your images amazing. I have seen it done.

Take a look back at your previous work! Have you grown? It truly is eye opening to compare yourself from a year ago to the you now.