February 1, 2013

Meet Mr. Tug!


So back in my blogging days I used to post random photos every now and then (I sound like I’ve been blogging for ages…) Anyway, since moving to Madison I don’t get the big camera out nearly as often as I like so I’m always struck with inspiration when I come home. 

As I drove down the driveway I noticed the setting sun to be hitting the pine tree. My nerdy cameraloving self threw my car into park. Sprinted to the house to grab my camera. I’m happy I did because nothing beats pretty snow photos! 

And continuing on with the randomness…My mom has also decided to add a sixth.. Yupp, sixth dog to our clan. Little Tug is a Shiba Inu who might be the cutest thing ever. He’s so fast though.. The picture of him trying to sqeeeeze through the fence? I know it’s missing his face but it just makes me smile for some reason!

Happy weekend everyone! TGIF!