February 20, 2013

Staying Sane | Organizational Tip Part 1


I’m not sure about you but if my desktop is a mess, my life is a mess. I’m not sure why it causes hyperventilation and a nervous attack but it does. I find myself slowly becoming a tad bit more OCD as I get older. To the point where I spent an hour in photoshop redesigning a background (yay for a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro!).

I’m hoping to launch a little organizational series on the blog..As I am wanting to turn this little blog into not only sessions & clients but also tips and tricks on what I do! I’m not sure if it’ll take off but THIS article has gotten a LOT of love lately (thank you Pinterest).

Anyway, I’m sure you’re not clueless on how to make one of these but incase you are..
1. Take a screen shot of your computer.. I use Evernote to take screen shots.
2. Export image into a jpeg.
3. Import into editing program. I use PSE9!

These definitely don’t need to be photography related (for obvious reasons mine is) but can just be used to keep things a little neater. I definitely remember making one of these a couple of years ago to keep my school work organized.

Now if only I could attack my mess of a external hard drive. I avoid it like the plague.. Ew

Do you use a desktop manager? Is there something organizational you can’t live without?! Let me know as I’m always looking for more tools!

On the lineup – How I use Evernote, my filing system, & whatever else my heart desires.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!