March 9, 2013

PASS | The GAME Changer


If you’ve followed me for any length of time.. Chances are you know how much I ADORE Katelyn James Photography out of VA.. Well a while back she started posting about this PASS company. I searched, read, googled and well it seemed that things were kind of under wraps as it was developing. However, there was one thing I knew.. I HAD to get my hands on it whenever it launched. PASS is revolutionary. Cutting edge in the photography world. In my personal opinion it’s going to be a game changer. It’s going to change the industry in the way images are viewed, delivered, and shared.

I am a big supporter of image sharing. I want my clients to email, facebook, instagram, tweet, do what they want with their images because they are well.. THEIRS! PASS allows my clients to have that ability. They will be able to view, download, share all their images from any device, any computer from where ever they are.

What does this mean for my clients? It’s been decided that I will start transitioning into dropping disks, and selling prints. With the ability to download your high resolution images yourselves you will be in control of them. Your images will be available on PASS for 10 years & will also give my clients the ability to upgrade to keep them there FOREVER. Your images are displayed in a beautiful custom designed gallery (by yours truly) that is not only visually appealing but also true to color and magnificently stunning.  Galleries can also be password protected and controlled on who has the ability to download and share.

So maybe you’re thinking well how do I view these images? Well, do you have an Android? iPhone? Clients can download the free PASS app to view their images. They can also view them via the link posted. It’s super easy, super seamless, and definitely lovely. Here is a peak at Nicholas + Victoria’s gallery via PASS!

I mean really?! Doesn’t it look beautiful! I know I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to a photography obsession but they look killer!

I am sure there is something I’m forgetting to talk about as I’m just busting at the seams with excitement. My brain is literally moving a million miles a second brainstorming ideas on the possibilities alone.

PASS.. You rock my world!