March 6, 2013

Rick + Tammi | Madison, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


I think it’s safe to say that I am in fact the WORST blogger in the whole universe.. Yeah, the whole universe. I was talking to my mom this evening & she mentioned that I forgot a wedding.. Oh dear, a whole entire wedding. Now this wedding was absolutely stunning & I am quite proud of the images produced so here they are! Better late then never (5 months late…whoops) 
Rick & Tammi’s day was filled of love and laughter. I walked into the church and gasped at it’s beauty. My mind spinning with image ideas. The dress, hanging in the door of the church. The abundant light in their lives & throughout their day. I am so blessed to have shared the day with this amazing family. I hope you enjoy their images as much as I do. 

The image on the right!? Oh goodness.. I almost dismissed this one when culling. So happy that I didn’t! Stunners.

Cheers & well wishes!