March 26, 2013

Staying Sane | Organizational Tip Part 2


This may sit the fence of either a tad bit OCD or just super organized (I’m thinking a tad bit OCD). What might appear as just a normal home screen to you is a madness of color coated organization.

We go from red apps, to the red in the second hand, to the red in the compass and the amount of emails I have. The blue from mail, to shazam, to pandora and so on. I sat and stared at my screen for a good 40 minutes one night figuring out how to go about what order they needed to be in. The other two pages follow the same example.

Yep, definitely OCD crazy. Poop.

Anyway, it gives me a sense of peace. I’m not sure why but it makes life a little more seamless. Not much else to say other than this is a crucial piece of my iPhone world.

Anyone else out there do this? Or am I alone in this madness?