April 2, 2013

“Ms. Caitie, I Love You.”


There is a light that has been absent for far too long, warming my skin and bouncing gold off the walls of my apartment. I soak it in, filling my world with it’s magic and splendor. 
I sit back and realize just how lovely my life is (even in the parts that don’t feel so lovely). It’s something that I like to reflect on often. Being in the right place at the right time is what it is, but it’s pure luck. My life is filled with this warmth just as the sun. Beaming it’s light into my life as I live my days. Whether it’s pressing the shutter button or teaching in the classroom, my life is warmth. 
Lately, it’s been my classroom bringing me the ultimate joy. 
I was working at my desk the other day while I heard a student whisper, “Ms. Caitie, I love you.” I will hold that moment close to my heart. For it filled my week, my month, my year with warmth. It was something amongst the stress, the craziness, a moment of peace. A moment that I was able to sit back, soak in (once again) it’s splendor, and fill myself with joy. That 3 year old doesn’t realize the impact she sat on my life. Those 3 year olds are the sun. Beaming as you walk into the room filling your days with hugs and (slobbery) kisses. I have always had a soft spot for children but teaching has only solidified their magic. 
My life is warmth, tranquility, peace. I know I don’t always feel this way as I often lose myself in the stress, anxiety, and fear that it is moving all too quickly. But I will soak it in, as I do the afternoon sun, with hope, happiness, and love. 
I hope those that are reading don’t find this corny or cliche, for it is exactly how I feel at this precise moment. I like to spill out the good feelings, the feelings that bring a fuzziness to my heart. For when the bad days do come, I can reflect back and remind myself that I am content. That life is lovely. 
& the absolutely gorgeous view out my apartment door this evening. So happy that Spring seems to have made it’s appearance. It was a long winter & I am welcoming it with a smile and a happy heart. 

| I am not a writer. I am not grammatically correct. I type like I talk. Just wanted to get that out there as I know plenty of oober smart, grammatically correct individuals 🙂 |