June 2, 2013

Poolside, Cocktails, and Sunshine | Panama City Beach, Florida


Sitting poolside on our last day as I’m writing this. I always am washed with a sadness over me. I have been looking forward to this for a year. Counting down for a year. I have sort of become a hotel snob (I really don’t want to admit that, but it’s true). Staying in the goose down beds, with a suite as large as our house. It’s a beautifully terrible thing.
These vacation are always my favorite. The relaxing, drinking a cocktail, enjoying the sunshine. It’s where I belong. I am also a total pro at rocking the lobster tan with peeling skin. It’s cute. I know. 
Panama City and the emerald coast (living up to it’s name) is beautiful. The water screams the Caribbean. It’s high humidity and salt in the air gave me a reason to not do my hair. So put down the straightener and welcome the anti frizz serum. 
We relaxed, I happily welcomed sleeping close to 12 hours a night.. whoopsie. It was the break I needed. Although I am definitely not ready to step back into reality I do miss my classroom full of hugs and cute kiddos. 
A relaxing vacation also means it resulted in little photos. So here are the few snapshots I took this week. 

& like I stated, we plan next years vacation either during or right after our current vacation. Back to the Palm Desert we go next year! Cant’ wait!