June 13, 2013

Staying Sane | Organizational Part 3


I’m going to be honest…Client files aren’t my favorite however they are better then my personal files (for obvious reasons). I always seem to struggle with a rhythm or remembering where I exactly put the blog post images 3 months after a wedding or where did I type and save what the guest list number was going to be.

Bad. Really really bad. I know.

I sat down earlier this week and had a epiphany.. It was magical. Like unicorn magical. So I got to work. I reorganized all some two of my files and it seems to flow nicely. We’ll see the true test this weekend after a lovely wedding! (EEEK MYKE & KATHRINE!)

I’m probably really really slow. Like every photographer probably already does this slow. I guess I need to branch out my “how to do something in LR 4” google searches to “how do photographers organize their files so that they don’t pull their hair out?”

 In any event this is how I organized my client files…

I include a pages document with every client. This document includes their pre-done PASS gallery URL, wedding party size, guest list size, deposits, if contract has been signed and received, etc!

How do YOU organize your files. I would love to know!