August 20, 2013

Dream A Little Bigger Darlin’


Dream of lenses. Dream of a better website. Dream of online galleries. Dream of being a full time photographer. Dream of a natural light studio. Dream of an office. Dream.

I’m constantly dreaming. Constantly losing myself in thoughts of what I hope to be. What I hope will come. It’s something that we all can relate to.
Mines just a bit different.
I compare, I criticize, I talk myself down. 
This isn’t a “woe is me” post. Because I’m hoping it transfers into something greater, something with encouragement and light. Sometimes I need to write these things down. To remind myself that my journey isn’t going to be the same as everyones else’s. That my success might not be for 20 years (or maybe not at all). But I do know, that I can dream a little bigger and hope a little larger. I continuously attempt to flood my thoughts with good wishes. To learn more. To be more. To take my life (and my work) to the next level. 
But I need to remain grounded. Remind myself that if success never does come it is okay. It’s not supposed to be my journey. But right now, it’s what I love.
I love being behind the camera. I love people in love. 
So here is to everyone that is attempting to dream a little bigger. Keep it going darlin’. Don’t hold yourself down because you need to take that chance. 
If not, you’ll hate yourself if you don’t.