September 27, 2013

Rainy Williams Tree Farm Wedding in Rockton, Illinois


Christyna and I went to college together. I knew we would be friends when she would always bring snacks into class. We spent a lot of time “learning” and getting in trouble for talking (whoopsie). 
I am so happy that she decided to have me photograph her and William’s big day. I always knew they were going to get married & seeing them together only solidifies this. They are adorable. 
Their day was a beautifully gloomy day. I was a little let down that their ceremony would have to take place inside but Williams Tree Farm has such a gorgeous ceremony space that it didn’t matter. Equipped with twinkly lights (a photographers bokeh dream) it ended up to be a perfect intimate ceremony.
Anyway, I’ll quit writing. Enjoy! 

 Will did such a good job designing Christyna’s chocolate diamond ring! So stunning! 
 How about that for a first look smile?! Could it be ANY bigger! 

 My favorite set. The one on the right might be my favorite.

 Such an awesome bridal party! Loved this group shot! 

 Could her flowers be any more beautiful? Seriously Event Floral in Rockford did a FANTASTIC job with them. 


 I have to say this might have been the coolest thing I have seen yet. The DJ announced that for the next 15 minutes Christyna & Will were going to be the bartenders. Christyna slapped on an apron and they served up drinks. It was such a neat way to give back to their reception but also mingle with guests!