November 1, 2013

Shooting the Groom | 5 Tips For More Relaxed Portraits


Some of my favorite images from weddings are shots of the groom. I absolutely love getting that inner GQ look going. When shooting my grooms I try my best to be light, not forceful and just let them be natural. 
While I’m shooting you’ll usually hear me say things like, “Is that natural? Don’t do something that feels forced or awkward”
If the groom feels awkward it will show. So here are my 5 tips for prepping a more relaxed groom. 
1. Crack a Joke! However, if you know me you’ll know that I’m not funny. I’m socially awkward. It’s all good.. I just milk that for what it’s worth. A lighter mood will create a more relaxed person. Pretty common sense, I think. 
2. I tell my grooms to stand and shift their weight. Move from their left foot to their right. The shifting of weight relaxes the shoulders and usually results in a more normal stance. 

 3. While shooting groom portraits I like to stick them on the edge of open shade or on the edge of a light pocket. This brings tons of light to their face and illuminates their eyes. Giving that “smolder” look.

4. I ALWAYS shoot the pocket detail. It’s one of my favorite shots. I also love jawlines so this gives me the option to highlight that while showing off their boutonnieres & awesome ties/jackets!

 5. Grooms shots max out at about 10 shots. Let’s be honest, gentlemen aren’t a huge fan of portraits. This results in me working quick, efficiently, and painless. What typically happens is I set the groom in a pose then move AROUND them. Catching different details as I move. This gives the opportunity to get multiple shots in one pose and allowing them to get back to their brides.

I hope those were useful and not too obvious or well known. I adore working with grooms and I also love getting good portraits for their ladies!

Wishes, C