January 4, 2014

Customized Stamps | Adding That Personal Touch


When I started this business of mine I knew that I wanted to have “personal touches” in my packaging. I am not about plain envelopes with no excitement to them. When my clients get their flash drives I want them to be excited but also know exactly what they’re getting. 
I want my brand to be represented from start to finish. From the contract signing all the way to the flash drive delivery. 
My stamps make that personal touch so much better. 
My dads girlfriend (Hi Jean!) contacted me a month of so prior to Christmas asking me if she could use my logo font for a project. Of course I quickly handed over the font not thinking anything of the instance. A couple weeks went by and during a visit with my dad he needed help with an iPad issue pertaining photos. I went to click on the app and he mumbled, “you can’t go in there. There are designs in there for christmas.”
Designs? Designs for what? I racked my brain from then to Christmas. When Christmas finally rolled around,  I opened one of my first gifts to an ink pad. Ahhhh now it all was coming together.
Customized stamps. I was BEYOND thrilled and couldn’t wait to have a flash drive to send out. 
The Stamp Maker did such a good job with the stamps. I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out. 
 I use these stamp pads from Michaels. They are a little too wet for my liking but the white against the cardboard paper is my favorite. 

Happy Stamping!