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January 20, 2014

Moo Cards : The Best Thing to Happen to Business Cards

I was showing my coworkers at breakfast yesterday my new business cards & it hit me. How am I going to give these away?! Being a photographer that gives flash drives & print release I often don’t see my own work printed and tangible. So when I opened my MOO cards I instantly fell in love and unfortunately sentimentally attached.

You know when you’re opening an Apple product package you can hear angels singing? No? That’s what I hear & the same thing happened when opening my MOO cards.

I discussed “personal” touches a couple of weeks ago and quickly decided I needed a revamp to my business cards. Along with a push from my bestie saying my current ones were no longer an example of my work (thanks Lauren!), I decided to do it.

I have always been in love with MOO but was never sure if it was worth the extra price tag. MOO isn’t like other companies that give 250 business cards for $10. But their price tag is worth the product.

The shiny finish, the crystal clear printing quality, that ability to create as many different “fronts” as I want? I’m sold.

Congratulations MOO.. You will forever get my business.

Oh and everyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for good marketing. MOO nails this for me. Swoon.