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February 27, 2014

Google+ | Small Business Change

As we all know Facebook has been catching some smack lately for their ever changing algorithm. The way they compress images, the amount of people the post “reaches”, and how often our content is pushed to new feeds. I myself have definitely noticed a change in numbers as have many other photographers.

I was furious at first. How can my page not show up on people’s news feeds?! They “liked” the page which means they obviously like it and want to see my content. So why wasn’t Facebook letting it reach my fans. Well, to be honest, they got smart. Facebook was a free place for small businesses to market and grow. When I first started photography, with every session posted I would gain at least  ten new fans. Now? I’m lucky if I get one. Could it be my work has gotten worse and people don’t want to see it anymore? I don’t think so? I think Facebook has gotten sticky with their algorithm and is keeping my posts out of feeds (sad face).

My numbers aren’t terrible but for instance a status will reach only 130 people compared to the 911 (I had to check like 3 times) fans I have. BUT if I post an image it’ll reach 430 people. It’s just too confusing and with it ever changing there is really no point to study it’s patterns.

Combine the sponsored posts (I don’t have money for that), and poorly compressed images I’ve decided to jump ship and pour my energy into a different form of social media.

What’s the most popular search engine? What is the typical homepage for computers around the world? Google. Of course. I know Google+ is a small world right now but I truly believe it will give us something greater than Facebook ever could. I really think people are going to make the transition within the next five years and it will be the it form of social media. I feel Facebook is going to have the same issues Myspace did. It’ll get too complex and too annoying and people are going to look for simple. Which is EXACTLY why Facebook became popular..It was a breath of fresh air to Myspace’s top 8 nonsense.

With that being said, I will still be posting on Facebook and will still be networking on there just because it’s what’s popular now. But when Google+ does take off I want my business page to be loaded with content and ready to share with the world!

So if you have a Google+ account I would LOVE to link up and add you into my circles! I am excited to see what happens in the world of social media and what will happen!

Here is my Google+ link! Come join the fun! >>> Caynay On Google+