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March 21, 2014

Consistent Blogging | 3 Week Update & Business Goals

So this is my 3rd full week of posting every Monday and Friday and it is going wonderfully! I successfully haven’t missed a day (yet..I’m sure it’s coming). I have also been feeling good creatively for expressing it somewhere every week. Sometimes I get antsy or feel frustrated and when I write/work in Photoshop it helps relieve that stress.

Now this can’t be just a blog post about how I’m keeping on schedule.. So I figured I would include some personal goals/business goals with you. I know a lot of them probably seem silly but when they are out in the open it pushes me to stay accountable.

So here we go!

  • Focus on personal health. I have been eating better (Kinda. More so at lunch than dinner) but haven’t been hitting the gym. Life has been a bit crazy right now and I need to not use that as an excuse. Working out should be apart of the crazy. It should be included in my daily schedule. I just live sooo far from the gym (Lies.. I live .07 miles away…Judge me now).
  • Drink more water. Since switching jobs (now sitting at a desk verses chasing 3 year old’s) my water intake is now down. Not much, but enough that I have been thirsty a lot more. 
  • Start packing up the apartment. Big changes happening in May so I need to start chugging at that. 
  • Entertain myself. Don’t laugh. I get bored easy when I’m alone now (I blame my boyfriend, Michael. I used to be content spending weeks on end by myself).
  • Tracking personal finances. I created a Google Drive spreadsheet this week with all my finances including income, spending, and miscellaneous things. I need to continue this and act like an adult.  
  • Get out there and MINGLE girlfriend. One huge item on my to-do list is to go network. Have I done that yet? nope. Do I need to? Most definitely. I need to get this done this month before I’m swamped with editing weddings. 
  • Figure out what lens to buy. I’m sure you read about my struggle & I need to figure it out. Currently leaning towards the 50mm F/1.2L 
  • Test try Adobe Illustrator. I have been gushing over this program for some time now. However the $600 price tag? Wince. Anyway, I still want to learn about it and download the trial. 
  • Keep chugging away on client relationships and emails. Really trying to create a “family” feeling.
  • Work on my Caynay Brides Facebook group. Encourage discussion and pour some energy into that.
Phew. Sounds like it’s going to be a busy month. All these goals need to implemented now throughout April. Hopefully at the end of April I will do a “check in” and update how I’m doing on my goals.

Side Note: That gorgeous lady on the right?! That’s Kelly! I get to shoot her wedding this summer! Yay!