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March 28, 2014

Caynay Photo is Getting…..

STICKERS and gold envelopes but obviously the stickers are where it’s at. My beloved Moo has the ability to custom design stickers. Their main package of stickers includes 52 stickers & ran as the same as their business cards I can design 52 different fronts if I want. I won’t, but I could.

I’m a sucker for good packaging and marketing. My intent with the stickers is to use them on my envelopes for client mail. I may just stick them to peoples foreheads. Maybe that would be good exposure.

I am just oh so very excited for this. I have put off designing them for a bit just because there has been some updating to the blog!

I am also going to snag some gold envelopes. I have been using gold a lot lately as an accent color (aqua, mustard, and gold) so I thought those would be a great investment to send my contracts in!

I will obviously be doing a product photo shoot when they come so keep an eye out for that!

3 months till wedding season! I seriously can’t wait!