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March 7, 2014

Optimizing Gmail | Tips for Organization

I will start off by saying that I love Gmail. I absolutely adore it’s filing system and it’s ability to “drag & drop”. I don’t have much experience with other email platforms (apart from my yahoo account created in 6th grade with a hysterical address attached to it..IE bl0ndiebabeXO..Not really but you get the point)

I also have to say that their app for the iPhone is ahhhhmazing. It’s super intuitive and easy to maneuver and also gives me the opportunity to toggle between both my gmail accounts. I highly suggest it! 

Gmail also gives me the ability to create different  labels. You see all those up there? Yeah, they are what keep me sane. So my labels grow with the experience based on where the bride (or groom) and I are at in the booking process. I also created these labels to be color coated. So at a quick glance I’m able to see the status on all my emails and where I’m at. I may be a tad bit OCD so that might have something to do with it. Can I also say that I am able to make my background my favorite color ever? Gmail had me sold with that alone.

So here is the order that I flag my emails as the conversation grows.
  • Initial email gets marked with “1 inquiry”
  • After I hear a response back with the green light & sending contract it is marked “2 pending”
  • When contract and deposit is received back the email is marked “3 booked” 
  • I like to annoy converse with my brides throughout the process just to keep in contact. This is marked “4 CR” (client relations) 
  • After the wedding is shot the email is marked “5 Edit/Flash” 
  • After the flash drive has been mailed the conversation is marked “6 DONE” 
  • Once marked “DONE” the wedding is then moved from my inbox into a “done” folder on the side bar.
Why do I have numbers in front of my labels? Well Gmail defaults the labels in alphabetical order. If you stick a number in front of it will numerically list them. Awesome! Just for extra spunk I through the year of the wedding at the end. This gives me a quick glance at what is priority or what’s coming up first.


  1. Click on the email you are working with.
  2. In the status bar there is a little label looking icon.
  3. Click that. 
  4. The labels listed below are the ones pre-created. You can create a new one by typing in whatever title your heart desires.
  5. Your label will show up in the column on the left hand side
  6. Adjust the color by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of each label. 
  7. To add an email to a current label just click the icon and select the label you want it with.
  8. Wa-la easy peasy lemon squeezy! 
I also use this in my personal Gmail account. Marking paid bills or statements or personal emails. 
So that is one way that I optimize Gmail and it’s abilities to satisfy my OCD tendencies. It keeps me happy and gives me the opportunity to keep everything straight and in order! yay! 
If you have any questions, as usual, feel free to shoot me an email! I will be sure to answer and help with whatever I can.