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April 25, 2014

Bride Tip | Having Your Maids Dressed

In my time of shooting weddings there is one thing that I have always urged my brides to do. It’s one of those things that just makes the photos more visually appealing but also helps with cohesiveness.

While you’re putting on your dress. Have your bridesmaids & maid of honor in their dresses.

Ahhh. So good. Such a simple thought but with great impact and awesomeness.

Now I totally understand if you all have cute flannels on or monogrammed collared shirts. We will snap a photo of that and document that but when it’s time to slip that dress on I want the best possible outcome for you.

This will help your getting ready images tremendously. Why? All your maids (am I the only one who pictures Helga the milk maid with two pails of milk?) will not only be matching but also reflect the story of your wedding AND draw the attention back to you. If one of your ladies is wearing a bright shirt or a loud pattern it could create images that either….

                     a) have to be turned to black and white to be ascetically pleasing
                     b) pull the attention from the focal point…YOU!

I know your ladies probably won’t be too happy with the idea of being dressed so early but promise them an extra cocktail or just mad props from me. I am all about creating your day to it’s best potential and I feel this is one element that can really spruce up the important piece.

It’s such a simple and easy tip to enhance your getting ready photos. I’m not going to overkill the topic but in all seriousness it’s such a BIG help. I have been so fortunate to have my brides follow my lead on this and I know my 2014 Caynay Brides will do the same 😉

PS. Another topic to tie into this one will be why WHERE you are getting ready matters. Oh it does. Promise.