April 11, 2014

Bride Tip | Finding Your Photog Match


It’s like shopping for the right pair of jeans. They need to have a good fit, you have to like the wash, and they have to be in your right price range but all things aside, you have to like the style.

Jean shopping = Photographer shopping.

Goodness gracious I hate jean shopping.

I had been exchanging emails with a potential bride and we had seemed to hit it off personality wise and then there was a venue switch and this email came through…

At first, when this email came through my heart sank. I’ve been struggling a little with my successes lately and it just seemed that everything was slipping away from me (I’m a bit dramatic). But as I got to thinking about the situation I quickly shifted my struggle to respect and full understanding.

I wasn’t the right pair of jeans and this won’t be the last time it occurs.

As a couple you have to love the style of the photographer. You have to love the posing, the processing, the type of story they convey. The couple above started as a natural light wedding (obviously my cup of tea) but decided to go to a theater venue (how unique!) with no natural light instead. We had discussed my skill level with zero light and as confident as I felt I knew deep down that I wouldn’t deliver what they were looking for.

It just wasn’t a good fit.

I want the best for my brides & grooms or any bride & groom for that matter. I want them to adore their images and sometimes we might just not be a good fit. As photographers that is sometimes hard to hear or say. My work is my heart, I display my passion, my pride, and everything in between through my photography. I pour countless amounts of hours into it so hearing that you’re not the right fit or realizing you & a bride might not fit, hurts.I also have respect for individuals and photographers alike, who can value photography but also understand when working with a photographer/client would do more harm than good to cut ties.

…    …   …

As a bride & groom. Scour your potential photographers portfolios or flip through their blogs. Those online galleries and blog posts are a showcase of what images you may potentially get on your wedding day. Don’t like them? Move on. If you look hard enough there is someone suited just for you. 

It is so so so important to find a photographer you adore. I know things can get tricky with budget’s but it is so crucial. You and your wedding photographer need to have a connection. Why? This ensures that your portraits will turn out the very best. If you see the best in your photographer and they see the best in you, you will only produce MORE beautiful images. Confidence, trust, and chemistry will only help you in the long run.

Do your research. There is someone out there who will fit the exact look you are looking for. Is it film-like? Is it moody with a matte finish? Or how about bright, airy, and crisp (which I’m partial to for various reasons) but hit websites like theknot.com or weddingwire.com as they are great resources!

Trust me. Your photographer (for any event) is an investment. Make sure they are a right fit. You can’t return photographs 🙂