April 21, 2014

Blogger Tip | Enable The Right Click


I will say that as a viewer, nothing grinds my gears more than a disabled right click on a photog’s (or any blog for that matter) site.

I am a tab happy person. I like to get three or four tabs open on a blog so that I have the pages loading and lots of materials to read.

Boo you anti-right click blogs. You’re cramping my style.

I get the thought process behind it. It’s purpose is to stop viewers from right saving images or content. Which is does work, it really does. However, with the power of screen shots and screen clipping there isn’t a whole lot the right click saves you from other than stopping your viewers to explore content. With technology there really isn’t anything that is going to stop people from stealing content or your work. I know I’m naive but you have to believe the good in people and only hope that people will be honest.

When I initially land on a photographers site I will right click and open any article, blog post, about me, pricing section, gear section, or anything that spikes my interest. My likelihood of leaving a site and not exploring content is way greater if I can’t have multiple tabs open on the site.

I know, I know.. First world problems. But really.. I’m not a fan and as a photographer you want EVERYONE and their brother looking at every tab and every post possible (at least I do).

If you have your right click disabled on your site please tell me why! I’d love to know if I’m missing something super beneficial!