April 18, 2014

Tutorial | Quick Fix to Changing URL’s


So as you may have noticed I changed URL’s a couple of weeks ago.. caynay.com became an online portfolio/landing page and the blog was changed to caynayblog.com.. It was something that I had been brewing for a while but was more so an impulse decision than anything else.

The problem with impulse decisions and changing URL’s? Broken permalinks. Yepp.. All links that have been published whether on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Google+ have now been broken (way to go Caitlin.. Way to think that one through)..

So I was very frustrated the other day as I have an article that has been pretty popular (Sorry Michael but my UK hits had to have been  Prince Harry..Obviously). I was frustrated because that article was landing on Google’s front page.. Directly under adobe and I was ecstatic.. However, the article has likely not drawn me any prospective clients so realistically was only doing good for my Google SEO standing.

The problem? Was it worth it to CHANGE the URL again so that the article would be on the first page of Google but not reaching prospective clients? Or leave it as is because I’m not yet on the first 10 pages when searching “Madison, Wisconsin Photographers” so it doesn’t matter?

I was clearly making it way more complicated than it needed to be.. Time to call my dad.

Oh.. Am I glad I did..

“Why don’t you just re-post the content?” he said — Oh duh. Seriously.. Such a simple fix and something that didn’t even cross my mind. It would fix the permalink and if the first post was on the front page of Google the second one would get there eventually too.

Where is my Google+ profile link to the article? Front page baby.

I posed the question on a forum and was told how negative changing a URL for your company is and blah blah.. Thank you dude.. I appreciate the impute (I truly do) but this isn’t my first row-day-o and like I said. I’m not even established with Google yet so it doesn’t really matter. & if I was going to change my URL it had to be now being my 3rd year in business verse 5 years from now when I’m hopefully more established.

So long story short (power to those who stuck it out)..Sometimes in these scenarios you need someone with an outside opinion. Someone with a fresh brain who hasn’t been clogged down with Google searches and forum posting and reading countless amounts of articles trying to find a fix.

Simply re-post. It’s a hell of a lot easier than dealing with a stub blog (don’t even ask)