April 7, 2014

Bride Tip | Wedding Day Details


I’m a detail oriented person. It’s how I am wired. I can easily remember the big details of my life, moving as a child, moving to a new city as an adult, graduating, landing jobs, my first photography gig. It’s not the problem of remembering the big things but the little bits. The font you used on your now discarded invitations, the exact shade of red on your husbands boutonniere, the precise way your bouquet looked on your wedding day.

Those are all the details that as a photographer, I enjoy the most. Granted I la la love bridal portraits but I adore flower shots and those little details that maybe you didn’t get to enjoy on your big day.

When I show up to weddings I’m always early (being right on time is late in my world). So I usually have some time to kill which not only includes walking the grounds and scoping out my game plan but also shooting details.

So here is a tip to any bride and my brides specifically (hint hint – nudge nudge ladies).. Get a box or tote to put ALL your details in (apart from bouquets). This gives me a quick and convenient way to photograph all things pretty.. This would include..
  • Invitation (place cards, save the dates, programs, etc) – I LOVE these kind of shots 
  • Garter
  • Shoes  
  • Veil nearby if wearing one  
  • Flowers in close proximity  
  • Jewelry  (If already being worn chances are I will probably ask you to take it off 🙂 
  • Perfume 
  • Rings (Usually snagged from the groomsmen and I squeeze those in whenever convenient)
  • And obviously The Dress 
Pretty much anything that you think I would want to photograph is probably safe to put with the items above. These details are usually shot very quickly (15-20 minutes max) so no need to worry about them being away for too long. It’s the details like this that I adore and I want you to have these images to be able to cherish. Granted they won’t be blown up to a portrait in your living room, or find a place in a frame but these are images that create the story of your day and express you as a bride.