May 5, 2014

Month of May Goals


How has it already been a month since I post my last goals?! Time is just flying by. I’ve settled into a new apartment with the boy, bought a new car, and am so very excited about wedding season.

As far as consistent blogging? I have yet to miss a post since March 2nd so I am very very excited that I’m staying on track for that. I don’t always post my articles on Facebook so be sure to swing in every Monday & Friday to catch those!

I’m going to post April’s goals and my new comments on them will be in italics… Here we go…

  • Focus on personal health. I have been eating better (Kinda. More so at lunch than dinner) but haven’t been hitting the gym. Life has been a bit crazy right now and I need to not use that as an excuse. Working out should be apart of the crazy. It should be included in my daily schedule. I just live sooo far from the gym (Lies.. I live .07 miles away…Judge me now).
    • I leave for California in LESS than a month. I have been attempting to do some sort of physical activity everyday till then. Follow the story on Instagram! User: caitlinstemper Hashtag: #caynaygettinskinnay. I am also excited to report I am down a few pounds. Although I should stay off the scale because being down a few pounds = more chocolate…Right?
  • Get out there and MINGLE girlfriend. One huge item on my to-do list is to go network. Have I done that yet? nope. Do I need to? Most definitely. I need to get this done this month before I’m swamped with editing weddings. 
    • Didn’t do this… ugh I did reach out to a few local photographers though and have been chatting with them! 
  • Figure out what lens to buy. I’m sure you read about my struggle & I need to figure it out. Currently leaning towards the 50mm F/1.2L 
    • I bought the 50mm F/1.2L and I ADORE it.. Seriously can’t wait to shoot some yummy bridal portraits with it!! 
  • Test try Adobe Illustrator. I have been gushing over this program for some time now. However the $600 price tag? Wince. Anyway, I still want to learn about it and download the trial. 
    • This is back burner for now. I have plenty of other things I can dump time into verses test trying a program I can’t afford. 
  • Keep chugging away on client relationships and emails. Really trying to create a “family” feeling.
    • I feel very confident that I am doing just this. Really working hard and I am more excited for my Caynay couples weddings every single day. 
  • Work on my Caynay Brides Facebook group. Encourage discussion and pour some energy into that.
    • I have been posting my bride tip articles to the page. Thinking my ladies are reading them which is awesome. High five girls! 
  • Continue to network and reach out to different vendors and photographers. 
  • Find a new system for keeping track of documents for taxes and client mail
  • Organize and clean up the MacBook.. She’s getting angry
  • Just relax.. About to come into the crazy awesomeness of wedding season. Enjoy the calm before the beautiful storm.