May 30, 2014

Photog Tip | Wedding Wire Review


I am a sucker for a good sales pitch. I happily agreed to the Wedding Wire consultant and handed over my credit card without any hesitation. The stats were there, the numbers were promising, and her information on the ability to double my inquires was solid.

However, the double amount of inquires has yet to happen. I must say I have been a bit disappointed that I am forking over a lovely $65 a month charge for a store front. I have been stressing about…

“Will this pay itself back?”
“I so should have done more research” 
“Why didn’t I do more research?”
“Dang you Wedding Wire & your awesome sales people.”
But then it happened. I didn’t double my inquires but I booked a MADISON, WISCONSIN wedding from it. A beautiful couple who is laid back (yay first looks, and unplugged weddings) who asked me if I was a vegetarian because they were having a pig roast (YUM!). So with this booking Wedding Wire has paid for itself. I would definitely love to have a few more booking from it I’ll take my one for now and be happy with it.

The Knot. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a store definitely check out your area of photographers listed. If there is a handful, I would probably would wait a bit just because your area hasn’t quite jumped on board. 
Long story short.. As of now.. I won’t be advertising with them again. Word of mouth has brought me WAY more clients then any other form of advertising. But if you’re looking to utilize all their other programs from organization to to keeping track of your clients then maybe it’s a good investment for you.

Everyone on their team has been more then helpful and able to answer any questions I have had.. So it’s not so much on the company that I’m unhappy with or the individuals but the fact that it’s still growing and building. I’m sure Wedding Wire will be mainstream in no time because they truly do have a great site with a lot to offer!