June 20, 2014

Blogging Sessions : Why I Strive To Be Quick!


It was one of my first weddings. I excitedly shot the wedding, delivered the images, and then weeks went by that turned into months. It was when my mom mentioned that I never blogged it that I realized.. I forgot to blog a wedding! Now that’s a big deal. Especially marketing as a wedding photographer that was a big no no.

It was then that I realized I had to up my game. This was prior to when I was blogging consistently so I didn’t realize just how important it was. It really is important to blog sessions quickly.. But why?
  • You want your couples to still be excited about their images! Not saying they aren’t excited 3 months after their wedding but they are more willing to SHARE their excitement with people & possible clients since the session is still fresh!  
  • They are anxious and excited for their photos and nothing makes them look more beautiful then a well orchestrated blog post. I know when I post a session I flip through the post a good 20 times. No joke.. They always look SO lovely! 
  • It shows your clients that you’re also excited about their photos! If you blog one session super quick and delay on another clients your delayed client may think their images are sub par. Sad. 
When I came home from Lauren & Zac’s session on Monday I instantly got to work! I get SO excited about my sessions and my couples that it’s basically impossible for me to wait! I was meeting Michael at the Union Terrace for a drink afterwards and ALL I could think about was how I wanted to be home editing. We finally got home and I worked for 3 hours trying to get their blog post ready. I’m like a mad woman. I really can’t shut the computer down after a session. 
Anyway, I know life happens (kiddos, family time, or another job) and sometimes you can’t get to a gallery as quick as you like but I like to serve my clients as quick as I can! It makes them happy and there is nothing I love more then hearing my clients excitement about their photos! 
This is happening TOMORROW!!! Ahhhh I’m so excited!!