June 6, 2014

Camera Bags & Travelling | Photog Tip


So I just shimmied through airport security and I totally understand how crazy traveling with gear can be. You have the camera’s, lenses, chargers, batteries, MacBook PLUS personal belongings….

These are my must have items to go on the plan. I would never consider checking my gear as that gives me anxiety at the thought. Camera gear is heavy and by the end of the day my neck and back are killing me.

BUT I have found the best way to travel with the gear through the airport..

I travel with.. Canon 5DMKII, 50mm 1.2, 24-70 2.8, all gizmo’s and gadgets for that along with a 15″ MacBook Pro + charger cord & an iPad.

Kelly Moore Two Sues Bag:

  1. She’s cute. Isn’t that the most important part anyway?
  2. She’s functional. There are plenty of pockets to shove things into and gives me a good amount of space to store different pieces.
  3. She’s safe. Due to the configuration on the inside I know my gear isn’t going anywhere. With padding I can be comfortable knowing it’s slouched across my shoulder and probably banging up against door jams. 
  4. It passes as a purse for the time being. I usually pack my main purse for the trip in my checked baggage & use the Two Sues as my purse till I arrive. 
  1. She’s heavy. Oof. I have to transfer the bag between shoulders. The weight is distributed well.. There is just a lot of it. 
  2. She doesn’t fit my MacBook. I know I was just complaining about weight but I’m an all in one kinda girl. 
  3. I have to make sure I ALWAYS zip her. It sometimes falls over when set on the ground.. I’ve had a lens sneak out a time or two. 
  1. It’s sooo comfortable. I can carry ALL of my gear (Minus MacBook) and it feels like a cloud on my back. The cushion on the backside of the bag is amazing & the weight is distributed perfectly. 
  2. It’s safe. The padding on the inside never has me worried. Everything fits super snug.
  3. It has a nifty pocket on top. I LOVE this pocket. You can throw batteries, memory cards, or anything you need quickly.. I think I actually have some Jordan Almonds from a wedding last year still in it..  
  1. The top strap has frayed. I have been meaning to email them about this issue. There has been nothing wrong with the actual shoulder sling but I can no longer carry it by the top. 
  2. It’s tight on space. It’s very limited for what it can hold. I am already pushing it with the gear that’s in it. 
  3. It can’t hold my MacBook.
  4. It takes place of my actual backpack. This might seem confusing.. If I carry this bag my laptop has to go into my actual purse (which is uncomfortable & not really and option).. So I don’t take this bag travelling because I need my MacBook on my back. 
  1. I have had this backpack for 4 years or so. She’s in pristine condition (although looking at their site makes me want to buy a new one!) and hold my MacBook perfectly.
  2. Comfortable. I have loaded this baby up with the laptop and so much more and it’s great! 
  1. It’s not a camera bag.
  2. It’s dirty & old. 
Oof. That was a long one but I hope it was somewhat useful! Have a good bag that fits everything?! Send me an email! I’m all ears!