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June 30, 2014

Little Man T : Family Session

I’ve known this family (Well prior to the little man) for years and we’ve never lived in the same state and I’ve only met Ellie once in person in 2011!

I was getting ready for an event and Ellie graciously let a handful of girls into her quaint Colorado apartment. We’ve been Facebook friends for what seems like forever and constantly keeping up with each other (social media is such a blessing).

A few years later, a marriage, and a little man and these three are as cute as ever.

Ellie & Joe were coming through Wisconsin to visit family and decided to come down to Madison JUST so I could photograph them. Seriously. What a honor! Ellie has always “liked” and supported Caynay and it is so greatly appreciated! As a double bonus it was Little Man T’s 1st birthday yesterday!! So I got to photograph him on his birthday!

Ellie & Joe, your son is remarkable. I am so excited to follow you from good old Wisconsin and see what life brings you two..Or you could just move here and cancel out the social media friendship! Ha!

 My two favorites! 

 Ohhh.. I hate to giggle at this one but I do! Ellie & Joe have been taking photos of T on this blanket with Sophie the Giraffe and a white onesie since he was born.. We took his 12 month one today and I think this is the cutest funniest thing ever! 🙂