June 25, 2014

Adam & Megan : Wausau Wisconsin Rib Mountain Wedding


If I could forever photograph weddings at Rib Mountain I would be okay with it. I so enjoyed photographing their big day. These two just effortlessly love each other and it was so fun to see their day unfold. They were the first wedding of my season and I am so excited to share these images with you!

The day started at Blonde and Beyond where Megan excitedly got ready for her day. Friends surrounding her with laughter and fun. Megan and her friends were some of the most laid back, genuine women I have met. Everything was just so calm and relaxed.

That relaxed atmosphere continued throughout their entire wedding day. The sun was shining the temperature was perfect & with only 10 minutes of sprinkling rain it was an absolutely beautiful wedding day.

Congratulations you two!!

Update: I totally just realized I didn’t blog ANY bridal party shots. Instead of reverting this back to a draft those will be added! Eep! 

I knew it was going to be a good wedding when her Toms were TEAL!

Using the wedding dress for details is my new favorite thing! How stunning are those pleats?! 
A pendant from her grandma. So special. 

Momma’s first look! How adorable is that reaction?! 

Megan, you are beautiful!! 

Adam waiting for his beautiful bride to come! 
She walked up, carefully laid her fingertips on his shoulder & this was his reaction. First looks are my favorite. 

Admiring his bride! 

I love this portrait. In the photographer world it may not be perfect but Megan is so genuinely happy. I adore it! 

Adam & Megan both rock climb. It was too fitting to photograph them in front of the rocks! 

The best man’s speech elicited some great laughter. My cheeks were hurting at the end! 
We then snuck outside for some portraits as the sun was setting.

I absolutely love the golden hour. It creates such beautiful light! 

My favorite! Would it be weird to have this printed as a canvas for myself?! 

I loved their etched mason jars and the fire pit! 
You & Me by Dave Matthews was the perfect first dance song for these two. 

Reception: Granite Peak
Videographer: Dan Bergh Videography
Flowers: Bev’s Floral
Makeup: Merle Norman