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June 13, 2014

San Diego, CA | Vacation Images Part 2

San Diego stole my heart. If only it wasn’t forever away and the average house is 1.6 million..

The cool breeze with the hint of salt in the air was something I never expected. I knew San Diego had a mild climate but it was basically what I’d call the heaven of weather.

The lack of humidity was this curly haired girls best friend. Swoon.

Ohhh how I love Michael’s profile. 
The Coronado was magnificent. It’s $15 rum and cokes were not. It’s dark wood interior was absolutely beautiful. This hotel is now on the dream sheet of places to photograph a wedding. Cough. Cough.
It was so fun having 2 of my 3 brothers along! I love them so much! 
Oh what I would do to photograph a bride and groom in this location. 

I love succulents! They are always so beautiful to me! Below is my handsome brother watching a military airplane fly overhead. Such a boy. 
Love this boy so much! He’s my favorite.

& that was the trip! It was absolutely beautiful and I will be visiting San Diego again someday! 
Happy Friday!