July 16, 2014

Brittany & Shane | UW Campus Engagement Session


Brittany has the type of personality that is contagious. My cheeks were hurting by the end of our time together on Sunday. Her energy is totally complimentary to Shane who just looks at her in such a way that makes you realize these two were made for each other.

They coincidentally ended up in the same bar 3 times within a couple of weeks each other. Never fully realizing that it was fate putting them together. Then it was a night that all their friends were supposed to go out together.. Of course everyone bailed but Brittany and Shane. Shane said he was still going and the lovely woman Brittany is, felt bad that he was going by himself, decided to join.

And as they say, the rest is history.

I still think Shane called everyone and cancelled just so he could get Brittany alone… 😉

I had so much fun you two. I absolutely can’t wait for your wedding. It’s going to be beautiful and you are going to make one stunning bride and groom!

Brittany said they were going to be awkward. Awkward to the point that she took some liquid courage before our session. I think she rocked it. 

Shane has these killer blue eyes! 
Brittany grew up with a dad as a photographer and she spent a lot of time helping him photograph castles… That’s right… Castles! So I wasn’t surprised when she pointed out this magnificent door. 

I think it was at this time Brittany was doing a chicken dance with their arms. Love the natural smiles it produced. 

We headed from the UW campus to the Union which had four.. FOUR.. engagement sessions going on in the same area. I so wanted to go introduce myself and make friends with everyone! 
These ahhhdorable boats line the one end of the terrace.. I’ve been waiting for the perfect couple to photograph with them. Brittany and Shane were perfect. 
Wow Brittany! You’re gorgeous! 
My favorite!