July 7, 2014

Caynay Packaging


Less is more in my world. Unless it comes to doughnuts then less is WAY overrated.

I like packaging a lot. A real lot. I do a lot of recon on companies packaging and it’s one of those things that can speak magnitudes about you and your business.

I’m also a girl who appreciates consistency and have a hard time getting out of my groove sometimes..So with that being said I have realized that I probably need to re-think my packaging as it needs a little sprucing up but it’s working for right now.

Part of me wants to invest in a custom made wooden emblem burned box. You know that kind that releases butterflies or maybe doves?

That’d be wicked cool.

Or wickedly weird.

So with all that being said, I keep things simple. I don’t shove my packaging full of confetti (gives me anxiety just thinking about all those little pieces everywhere. No no no). But it does include some handwritten love, a flash drive (which let’s be real is the best part), some ribbon, and a shameless plug of business cards.

That’s it. Stick some custom stamps on the outside and bada bing bada boom. Perfection…For now.