July 11, 2014

My First Double Header!


It’s Friday July 11th and that means that while you’re reading this I am prepping or in the middle of shooting my first DOUBLE header wedding! So that means I am shooting a wedding today (Friday) and tomorrow!!

I will be honest and say that I am currently writing this on Wednesday the 9th and I am anxious, excited, nervous, thrilled, panicked, joyful and every other emotion on the emotion train. But among all the emotion I am always grateful.

It was only a few years months ago that I was reading about wedding photographers doing double headers and feeling envious. Envious that they had the opportunity to have TWO weddings in ONE weekend! I honestly thought it was going to be YEARS before I had this opportunity.

Sure my feet are going to kill me and I miiiight have scheduled an engagement session for Sunday night AND I’m going to be staring at my computer for the following couple of weeks but I can’t wait!!

Michael bought me a massage gift card for my birthday (score!) and I was going to use it on Sunday.. Then my mom brought up that I would be laying on that massage bed wishing I was at home editing or thinking about the beautiful photos and not relaxing. So with that said.. Massage gift card will be put back in a safe place. Sigh.

Emily & Eric are up first at Orchard Ridge Farm which even before I was a photographer and this venue was being built I have adored it.

Kelly & Sam are getting married in Chicago at Columbia Yacht Club so I’m just a tad bit excited to be shooting a wedding on a beautiful boat!