July 14, 2014

Eric & Emily | Orchard Ridge Farms Wedding


Oh this wedding. I’ve had a good feeling about this wedding since the engagement session but I’ve also been very nervous for this wedding. I went to high school with this girl & she’s always been so wonderful to me even when I was the “new girl in town”.. Emily & Eric both deserved a beautiful wedding & an even more beautiful marriage.

I arrived at the church and Joni, Emily’s mom, was there to grab flowers.. I ended up riding with her to the reception site and she said Emily & Eric were fate. Emily got dragged out one evening with friends and little did she know that was the night she’d meet her husband. The way these two interact it’s obvious that their lives will be full of blessings.

I’m excited to watch the adventure they are going to embark on. I absolutely adored their wedding day.. From the dress, to the flowers, to the reception site, it was classically beautiful.

I am so excited to share these images with you.. I was so honored to be there to capture it.

Congratulations you two! You will have one beautiful life!

Emily’s grandmother made the cake.. Whoa! Beautiful! 

Event Floral knocked it out of the park as usual & the Orchard Ridge Farms made for the perfect backdrop. 
Seriously?! Could this be ANY more beautiful?! 
Diamond earrings?! Way to go Eric! 

Love this ring portrait! Swoon! 

Love the sister portrait! These two look so much alike! 

This was Michael’s first wedding with me and he did so well! He snagged this portrait of Emily before her walk down the isle! 
Groom’s reactions are my favorite & Eric’s was perfect. 


Eric’s parents are so cute! 
This was totally unposed and it might be my favorite bridal portrait! 

I always initially get weird looks when I ask the ladies to do a fake laugh. But this is ALWAYS the outcome. Perfect. 

Michael’s angle! 
Another random snap that I just love. 

Love me some men with bouquets. 
Emily, I hope you love this one as much as I do. I just think this is adorable. 

Michael is my official pro veil fluffer. 

Michael’s capture. Whoa! Love this one. 

We snagged the same photo during their engagement session! 

Vendor Love:
Catering: Hoffman House
Baker: Cal Rhyner (Emily’s Grandma) 
Videographer: Vixen Productions
Flowers: Event Floral
Dress: Martina Liana at Brandi’s Bridal