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July 25, 2014

Rachel & Chris | Allen Centennial Gardens

I walked up to the most beautiful botanical gardens and squealed with excitement. Rachel suggested having their session at the Allen Centennial Gardens and after a quick Google search I quickly agreed.

Just another reason why Madison is the best city ever.. 😉

Meet Rachel & Chris.. Oh these two.. I so enjoyed our evening together strolling around and getting to know them. Their wedding is approaching us quickly which I am so very excited about. These two came from a great 2015 bride (Hi Lauren!!) so I was very excited to work them!

I knew Rachel and I would get along when she said she bought her wedding dress from Ann Taylor. I love me a girl with style! I would also love to add that Rachel has the BEST hair.. As I was getting sweaty and frizzy her’s remained flat, and beautiful. I was so envious!

Can I also express how much I love the 50mm 1.2.. It seriously was the BEST purchase I could have bought. I have shot every engagement session (apart from ring photos) with this bad boy. It doesn’t leave my camera! So in love. 

I always explain that the first half hour or so is usually awkward as we get into a “groove”.. I was reassured this was going to be easy when these were the first few frames. 
Rachel requested they sit on this old looking front porch. I loved that she also pointed out areas that she thought were beautiful! 

These next few frames are my absolute favorite. I love how hidden they feel! & we were in the middle of the garden! 
Hands down my favorite. 

My parents own a baby version of this tree. I love the shape of the leaves.  

Look at the thickness on the ends of her hair! I wasn’t kidding! Jealous! 
During this location I expressed my fear of fish. Chris reassured me that they weren’t going to jump out and attack me. Thanks Chris! ha! 

Wait… I lied.. This is my favorite. I absolutely ADORE this image.