July 21, 2014

Sam & Kelly | Chicago Columbia Yacht Club Wedding


I approached them to say our final goodbyes. The hugs lasted long and as we all pulled back a sadness washed over me. Our wedding journey was over.. The constant communication, the planning, the excitement..The wedding was over. Kelly made a gorgeous bride & Sam was the best kind of groom.. The one infatuated with his bride.

“Since day one you have felt like a best friend to us” Sam said. It was in that moment that I realized I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with the people I love. We start out as strangers and end as friends, it’s cliche, but true.

I met with these two for their engagement session last year. We ended up grabbing coffee afterwards and talked for 3 hours. These two individuals are the most caring. open, considerate, and loving people.

I am so proud to call them friends and even more proud to have been a witness to their beautiful wedding day.

Sam and Kelly met at an ice cream social where they shared root beer floats in 3rd grade. It is so magical to witness a love that runs as deep as theirs. I wish you two the happiest of years. May your days be filled with laughter, and root beer floats 😉

The Columbia Yacht club made for the perfect city back drop. Kelly got ready in the wheel house which was a natural light photographers dream. 

 Who needs the 100mm macro lens? I sure don’t! Although I may just pass out one of these times during ring shots.. (I don’t breath). 

 Look at that bling bling ladies. WOWZA! 

 Those hands on the right? In that moment a bridesmaid stuck them out and said, “whoa Kelly you are beautiful”.. She is so right. 
 The three of us snuck down to the library to put on Kelly’s dress.

 Sam working it GQ style. Handsome! 

 Find the former Caynay Groom! CoughCough second from the left.. Hi John!! 


 The awesomeness of Chicago? No veil flufflers were harmed in this image 🙂 

 This image was pure luck. A shot from the hip that turned out perfectly. 
 & then as I was going through Michael’s images I saw this one. Holla BF/GF Photog telepathy! 

 I’ve talked about it a few times but Kelly has the most adorable nose crinkle smile! I LOVE it! 

 I spy a second shooter. 

 & this folks is my favorite image from the whole day. Pure happiness. 

 I spy a former Caynay Bride 🙂 

 It’s grainy, rainy, and perfect. 

 Hey Kelly! Make this a canvas 😉 
 Much love you two! Hugs! 

Vendor Love:
Ceremony, Reception, & Catering: Columbia Yacht Club
Baker: Lovin Oven
Flowers: Floral Acres