August 30, 2014

Kieran & Isabel | Bridle Barn Mt. Horeb Wedding


She looked at him with sheer radiance. The kind of light in her eyes that truly only exists in love stories. She was listening to the speeches being told of how Kieran always knew he was going to marry her.. Even after they first met. She had every reason to be looking at her husband the way she did. In a tent full of people she looked at him as if they were sharing an intimate moment. During this time there was a break in the storm and the light just poured into the tent. Showering Isabel & Kieran with a warm glow. True love does exist.

We left the house with gray skies and a big chance for rain. We pulled up to the quaint wedding venue with everyone in good spirits. With fingers crossed for a pause in the torrential downpour we were all ready to take the day on as is. This wedding turned out absolutely perfect. Michael asked if I was nervous for the rain.. I  reassured him it was out of our control and nervous wasn’t because it’s not an option.. It just has to be beautiful & it was.

The rain held off for the big stuff.. The first look, the family portraits, and their bridal portraits.. It was perfect. I was truly blessed to be a part of this couples big day. They radiate happiness and ooze love. I am reminded time and time again how blessed I am. How blessed I am to be in touch with such wonderful people, with people who are ecstatic, passionate, fun, and just lovely.

Congratulations Kieran & Isabel! I wish you such a beautiful life but I have no doubt that you will have that and then some. Much love you two.

 This shoe shot might be my favorite ever. 

 Isabel, you make one beautiful bride. 

 Shout out to Michael for his mad veil skills! 

 Fake laugh succeeds again! 

 I’m really not sure what is going on here.. It was too funny not to post. 

 MARRIED! So happy!! 

 My favorite! 

 If you know me you know how EXCITED I was to see this kick butt photo in their guest book! 

 & there it is.. That glow I was talking about. Wow.
 Hands down my favorite cake cutting images..Ever.. The light was just so perfect. 

 Had to sneak away for 5 minutes when that sun appeared! Love these! 

 The sky was spectacular! 
 I think by that scrunchy nose smile I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. So happy!!
Second wedding in a row… Vendor list coming soon!