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August 11, 2014

Devon & Alexa | Mt. Horeb Wedding

She gracefully slipped her arms into the sleeves of her dress. A big smile splashed across Alexa’s face and that’s when I heard her say, “I’ve waited for this moment my whole life”. Alexa was so ready to marry Devon. In our culture it seems that we are forgetting the core of a wedding day.. Once the dress has been worn, the curls have fallen loose, and the ties have been untied it isn’t about how amazing your wedding day was but who walks next to you out of the church. Alexa and Devon were a reminder of the value and true meaning of a wedding.

Jillian, Alexa’s sister, explained how she has always been Alexa’s biggest cheerleader, always being the one yelling and supporting from the stands.. Through her tears she explained that it was now Devon’s turn.. Devon’s job to be her biggest supporter, to stand by her through the trials, to celebrate the successes.. I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the room (myself included).

Alexa & Devon – You both are such beautiful individuals. I was in awe of how welcoming, warm, and wonderful your families are. You two are truly blessed in your support system and are going to constantly be surrounded by love not just from each other but your friends and family. Congratulations you two.. I can’t wait to watch your story unfold!

This dress was pure perfection. I could have photographed it forever. 

 Oh this one stops me dead in my tracks. You are STUNNING Alexa! 

 Favorite from this set! I have a few loves from this day! 

 These girls nailed the fake laugh! So great! 

 Those dimples are pure truth that he was elated to watch his bride come down the isle. 

 This guy sure knows how to passionately kiss his bride! Ow Ow! Married! 

 Alexa and Devon didn’t have a typical dancing style reception so there was puhhlenty of time for portraits (my favorite part of the day!!).. So prepare yourself for LOTS of beauty! 

 A favorite! 

 Seriously so stunning. 

 Remember those Michael Kors heals? This girl was such a trooper! 

 Another favorite! 

 Annnnd another favorite. What are we up to now? Three? 

 Story Time: We’re in the long grass which made Alexa’s dress a haven for crickets and grasshoppers.. I was picking out bugs and pulling back the layers of tulle.. I got to one layer and thought “oh wow.. that’s a large crick…oh no.. that’s not a cricket…”
Yepp… A spider the size of my palm (a small pancake) was chilling out in between her dress layers.

I lost my noodle but Alexa, calm as a cucumber, just sits there and has Devon get it. 

Nope.. Not me.. No way.. 15 feet away. 

 They had some engagement photos taken between these pine trees! 
 La la la love! 

Congratulations again you two!! It was such a beautiful day! 

Vendors Coming Soon!