August 18, 2014

Melissa & Thomas | Chicago Engagement Session


By the end of the session (heck, even from the beginning) we felt like old friends. We laughed like old friends and it truly felt like we were just hanging out with a camera.

Melissa & Thomas are spunky, comical, beautiful, warm individuals and they are the epitome of people that you would want to see on a regular basis. I walked away from their session on a straight up adrenaline rush. It was such a vibrant, fun, energetic engagement session and I seriously feel so blessed to have such amazing clients.

As the cloud cover grew thicker and darker the excitement of their session powered strong. We laughed over the silly things and squealed at my LCD screen. Melissa even said how she didn’t know how she would sleep that night because she was SO excited!

I wanted so bad to get this session up today (it was last night) and here it is. In it’s vibrant, beautiful glory. Thank you Melissa & Thomas for being a ray of light on a dreary Chicago day. I can’t wait for your wedding!