August 2, 2014

A Week Away… | Personal Post


The place where the floors aren’t level, where the screen doors have slammed the same way they have since I was a kid. The place that if you’re showering and hear a toilet flush it’s going to be one of two things 1. scalding hot water or 2. ice cube water which is a 50/50 chance you are willing to take.

The place where the train comes through at 10PM, 12AM, and 2AM at night blaring it’s horn three times consecutively across the bay. It’s loud reminder brings you to a coherent thought, comfort you, and lulls you back to sleep.

My family has been going to Pine Acres since my dad was a little man. Thankfully the tradition has continued since then..This place is my childhood and holds so many memories. Every year I leave in tears and every year I am reminded of how special this place is.

Ian (my youngest brother) and I used to ride bikes at our house on the gravel driveway and mimic the way it sounded when we’d pull in to Pine Acres bright and early. The slow crush of gravel and smell of northern pine holds a big place in my heart. It may sound crazy but Nicholas (my second oldest brother) said it perfectly.. “Our parents didn’t realize the impact this had on us as kids”.. & he is so right.

This year Michael was able to join our crazy crew to Pine Acres and I was so happy to have him there. It was another crazy week full of laughter and jokes that will be told for the years to come. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family to bounce memories off of. I’m not sure what I would do without them.

If the owners of Pine Acres EVER changes this bathroom I will conduct a picket line. This bathhouse has looked this way for my whole life and it’s weird to say that I’m that attached to it.. But it’s true. 

 I can not believe I am posting this horrendous of a photo of me online. But alas.. Here it is…
So there was this funny time that we were going to see the Vermillion Royal Gorge and hiked (what felt like) 5 miles in the wrong direction… Turns our we wandered up the snow mobile path.. The bugs were horrid.. Nicholas the plant master suggested fern leaves. It worked. No joke. 

 So my cousin has this kick butt westie named Otis. This is Otis. 
 I tried to get a good one of Nicholas on the boat (Hey ladies.. He’s single! 😉 but this guy always has so much to say.. So mid sentence Nick it is! 

 Here are some iPhone snaps from the week! 
Hard hats were from the Soudan Mine! 

Till next year! Love to all my amazing family for once again giving me one of the best weeks. It’s always so hard to leave but each year it gets better and better!