September 1, 2014

About Halfway Through | Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


Six weddings down and eight weddings to go. Close to halfway and I am beyond thrilled that I have eight more couples to capture, eight more weddings to attend, sixteen beautiful people to witness their love front row and center.

This season so far has been absolutely amazing. I personally feel that my work has grown tremendously this season and I am ecstatic with the outcome. Things are clicking a bit more, the timelines are more a rhythm then something I used to sweat over.

Each night I leave feeling an adrenaline and an itch to plug those memory cards into the computer because my favorite part? The editing. Bringing the images alive and adjusting those sliders in post brings me more joy then the actual shooting. Yes I adore pressing the button on that camera but creating something beautiful for you to have is the ultimate reward.

Oh I can’t wait for the second half of my season. I am equally excited for every wedding.

With all this excitement brings me a warm heart and a fuzzy tummy. I really can not express how thrilled I am to be photographing weddings. It usually hits me most during the first dance. Capturing those images and thinking, “Wow.. This is my job.. This is what I love doing..” & even though just a few short years ago I didn’t know it.. This is my dream.

It’s mind bottling how quickly something can transpire from just a thought to a passion. If you would have told me in 2010 that 4 short years later I would be shooting 14 weddings I would have called bull crap. I just can’t believe it!!!!

Here’s to my amazing six couples this year.. You have brought me so much happiness this season and I can’t wait for the second half!! Here’s to beautiful people and magnificent images!