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September 29, 2014

Allison & Alec | Downtown Madison Wisconsin Engagement Session

Allison & Alec have known each other since 6th grade. Allison says her momma will tell the story of how Allison came home saying how cute Alec was.. Like REALLY cute! Alec on the other hand wasn’t ready for a relationship at age 12 (boys..) so Allison waited. While she waited their relationship bloomed and flourished and became one that turned into the type that last forever.

These two have that chemistry.. The one where you hardly have to say or do anything and they naturally just flow together. Our time together was easy and fun! We wandered all over Madison and took advantage of the wonderful weather (Seriously. Couldn’t have been any more perfect!)

I absolutely can’t wait for their rooftop affair. It’s going to be stunning and you both are going to make a beautiful bride & groom!

We started at the Madison Contemporary Museum (Their wedding venue!!!) which is hands down my favorite building in Madison! I’ve always dreammmmed of photographing here so this is a dream come true. 

 Allison you are stunning. 
 During my sessions I try to explain the light and why we’re shooting there.. Right in front of them was a biiiig strip of light which created the most beautiful illumination (Halfway through Alec was even picking up on the tips!:)

 I loved mixing styles here.. Their pastel pallet again the grungy parking garage was perfect. 
 Portrait on the right is my favorite. 
 & at the last minute I decided to blow it up for the blog so sorry for the repeat! When Michael saw it his words were, “It doesn’t get anymore Madison then that!” & he is totally right! 

 That 35mm lens has been a breath of fresh air! Loving the way it compresses images!
 This one makes me giggle! Alec you totally look like your sniffing Allison & love what you’re smelling!! 🙂 

 “I wiiish we sailed all the time….” – Allison

 I wanted to bottle this light up and keep it forever. 

 See Allison?! The whoopsie-out-of-focus shots always end up being so lovely. 

 A few weeks back I sent Allison a Pinterest photo that I was obsessed with! I have been mentally (and failing) trying to figure out how to do it right.. Allison was my hero and nailed it first try! 

 Look at those legs! Ow ow!!