September 23, 2014

Jordan & Morgan | Rochelle Illinois Outdoor Wedding


I walked into Jordan’s family home and Morgan welcomed me with a big hug. You know, not the light arms around the shoulder with a light pat but a full on bear hug (I’m a hugger by nature so it was welcomed in my book).. I instantly felt at home & the acquaintance relationship we shared instantly felt like we had been life long friends.

Throughout the day I noticed Morgan hugged every single person with everything she had. Her hugs reflected the exact feeling to their wedding day. The passion, the warmth, the fiercely in love with one another. I am struggling writing this as the images speak magnitudes of anything I could put into words.

It’s not everyday you come in contact with people who share a love like these two. There were tears and some of the biggest smiles I have every seen. Everyone was overjoyed for these two and if anyone deserves a beautiful life it’s Jordan & Morgan.

And wow you two will have beautiful babies someday 😉

Oh my goodness this portrait! I la la love this one! 

 Seeing his bride for the first time! It was raining out so we had to improvise! 

 See what I mean?! There were SO many smiles like this throughout the day! 

 Morgan’s dad made the beautiful arbor! Hey Mr. Cox! You should totally open up an arbor making business! 

The sun was peeking out by this point and gave for some beautiful portrait light! 

 The one on the right?! Makes me squeal!! So cute! 

 Jordan’s face says it all! 

 How handsome! Morgan you’re one lucky lady! 

 Confession: Out of focus images turn out to be some of my favorites. I’m not sure why but I fall in love with every single one. Black & white with a bit of grain!? One of my favorites. 

 Hands down the best pre-kiss faces I’ve ever seen! Model status! 
 I loved how Jordan had his family stand up there while Morgan walked down! 

 We went from drizzly over cast skies to this… BAM! How beautiful! Jordan’s dad asked if I thought people would get married here.. I said YES! 

 Fake laugh for the win yet again! 
 Beautiful ladies! 

 The next set of portraits were taken after the sun had gone down.. I’m in love with them & that dang 35mm f/1.4L lens.. Holy cow can it work it! 
 Another favorite!! 

 So romantic. I am in love. 

 Hey there random human that I don’t know! Thanks for joining us!
Vendor Love:
Ceremony: Jordan’s Family Home in Rochelle, Illinois 
Reception: Jordan’s Family Home in Rochelle, Illinois 
DJ: Family Friend 
Dress: Davids Bridal
Tuxes: Morgan asked Jordan and he said Tom Ford.
Photographer: Caynay Photo