September 26, 2014

Katie & Ben | UW Aboretum Engagement Session


When a 8th grade blonde haired little girl named Caitlin moved to a new town and started a new school Katie was the first girl to introduce herself and made me feel right at home. My mom even reminded me that after that first day we even came out with nicknames for each other.

Katie has always been a warm, caring, loving individual and I am so unbelievably happy that she found Ben. These two laugh.. A lot! At each other, with each other, at me (which trust me.. I’m not funny so I love this!) but it’s so fun watching these two interact with each other. They flirt like teenagers and look at each other like life long partners.

Ben don’t kill me for telling this story but it’s too funny not to share. Poor Ben had been stung by a bee a few days prior to the session. Katie had texted me and told me we should avoid the right hand as it was swollen. It turned into the butt of a few jokes and then Ben was attacked by a mosquito on his forehead which turned out to be mammoth! Fortunately it went back down but it gave us a good giggle for a while!!

I’m excited to follow their journey and have the opportunity to photograph their wedding. Thank you Katie and Ben for giving me this honor. I had so much fun during our sun soaked engagement session!

I don’t even remember what was said but it sure was funny! 
You both look so unbelievably happy and content. You can totally just feel the love. 

Love this one!! 

My favorite! 

They slipped on the football jerseys which I absolutely adored! 

Love these two! Even with the wind swept hair, I love the natural smiles!