September 5, 2014

Life This Year… | Personal Post


I look over as he passionately throws his hands in the air and let’s out a cheer.. Jumping from the couch sporting his Green Bay Packers jersey. He sits back down, looks at me, and smiles. A giggle escapes out of my mouth and I am washed with an amount of gratefulness that I never knew existed. 

It’s the Thursday night before our anniversary. It’s been a year. May not seem like much but life has never been the same since we’ve been together. The highest highs and less than a handful of lows but we’ve overcome whatever thrown our way hand in hand. 
You are my positive light in a dark room, you calm me down when I’m fired up (happens more often than I care to admit), we laugh together and at each other, you make grocery shopping fun, you make the most mundane tasks into something I look forward to. Each day I’m excited to come home to you.
I am beyond blessed to be sharing this life with you. Your support, open ear, wise way beyond your days knowledge, your passion to learn, your calmness, your out of nowhere humor, and your friendship.
I love you Michael Scott. 
Oof this is so personal. I have a hard time letting this side of me show sometimes and sat here contemplating if this is something I want out in the open. I am not a fan of plastering my relationship in public places..But I am human and sometimes I have to push myself to open up and express my heart. Michael has taught me that. 
Here’s to the past year and many years after this one. I’m excited to experience life with you.