September 12, 2014

Thoughts on Adobe’s Creative Cloud


I plugged in my brand new iMac computer and walked down the hall to get Lightroom. I excitedly walked skipped back, sat down, took the disk out, & then realized… I have no disk drive. I panicked. How was I supposed to get my work done?! I was already gearing up ready to head back to the Apple store for a disk drive when it occurred to me… Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

I’m a tangible girl by nature but I love instant gratification (why I hate online shopping but buying books when the stores are closed.. Rough life people). Wow our generation is screwed.. Ha!

Anyway, I logged onto the Creative Cloud website and stared at the plans and packages.
$10.00 a month doesn’t sound so bad and I’d get it now? Sure.

Purchase the plan and not 10 minutes later I have Lightroom 5 and full fledge Photoshop (for little Photoshop work I’ve done it’s been in Elements.

Thank you Google.Com for your unlimited choices in meme’s. 

Let’s just wrap this up quickly and say how much I LOVE it. You get all the updates when they roll out and that’s AWESOME.. So I’ll never be behind in the Lightroom/Photoshop world which makes my little heart fill with smiles.

I kind of feel bad for bashing it when it first came out. Why wouldn’t I want to OWN the disk?! Why would I pay a monthly subscription?! WHY? But alas Adobe made a smart move that fills all us 90’s kids up with our I need it now demand and what do you mean Amazon Prime has 2 WHOLE days shipping?!

Happy Friday.. & to think I haven’t even had coffee yet. I guess getting 11 hours of sleep last night was a little too much..